Project Team

Photo by Martina Sander-Blanck

PI: Lynn Prince Cooke

Lynn Prince Cooke (DPhil, University of Oxford) is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath. Her research draws on sociological and economic theories to deepen our understanding of how inequalities in paid and unpaid work vary not just between women and men, but also among women and among men.  Her dominant tool is comparative analysis of large-scale cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys, framing these analyses in their institutional contexts. One example of this is her book, Gender-Class Equality in Political Economies (2011, Routledge). Her research has appeared in American Journal of Sociology, European Sociological Review, Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal of Social Policy, and others. In the past, Lynn has been a consulting editor for American Journal of Sociology, and on the editorial board of Gender & Society.  She is currently on the editorial boards of European Sociological Review and Journal of Marriage and Family. Since 2014 she has been a board member of the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC19) (re-elected 2018).

Research Associate: Rossella Icardi

Rossella Icardi is a Research Associate who joined the NEWFAMSTRAT project on 1 March 2017.  Her academic interests include the study of labor market inequalities in a comparative setting and the investigation of which policies succeed in reducing them. Prior to joining NEWFAMSTRAT, Rossella worked at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) where she conducted impact evaluation on a wide range of projects related to labor market research. This experience provided her with a deeper understanding on the effect of social policies on disadvantaged socio-economic groups. Rossella completed her PhD at the University of Southampton. Her thesis explored the association between wages and workplace training in Germany and the UK, and how this association varies by both gender and type of qualification attained.

Research Associate: Anna Erika Hägglund

Anna HagglundAnna Erika Hägglund joined the NEWFAMSTRAT project as a Research Associate in October 2017. She specializes in the Finnish labor market, analyses of administrative, linked employee-employer data, and longitudinal techniques. Her research interests include life course research, social stratification, and gender inequality. Prior to joining the team, she was a doctoral candidate in the project “Occupational Sex Segregation and its Consequences for the (Re-)Production of Gender Inequalities in the German Labor Market” at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. In her dissertation, Anna Erika examines gender differences in vocational aspirations and fields of study choices, and the consequences of these decisions for gender inequality in the labor market. In particular, she analyses gender differences in educational and employment trajectories by utilizing large-scale cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys, as well as register-based data. Her first paper from her thesis appeared in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

Doctoral Student: Soyoung Kweon

Soyoung Kweon is a PhD student at the University of Bath, joining the NEWFAMSTRAT project from October 2017. Her thesis will investigate gender differences in employer  discrimination around parental status in hiring processes across different skill levels. Her broader research interest is how social policy affects gender inequality in labor markets. She qualified with a Master of Social Welfare degree at Yonsei University, South Korea. Her original master’s research on South Korean unemployment policies found that the degree of labor market attachment varies by gender.

Research Assistants:

Grace Krause (September 2018 – present) is a doctoral student at University of Cardiff, and a research assistant on NEWFAMSTRAT’s German labor market study.

Emma-Jo Imber (August 2018 – present) is an undergraduate student in the University of Bath’s Natural Sciences Department, and a research assistant on the project specializing in programming of the field experiment instruments.

Project Visitors and Collaborators:

Mariña Fernández Salgado (August 2016 –  present) is Assistant Professor of Economy at La Universidad de Alcalá , and an associate of the University of Bath’s Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy, with an interest in labor market inequalities and analysis of British panel and cohort data sets.  She is presently co-authoring two project papers, providing specialist statistical expertise.

Lena Hipp (April 2017 – present) is Professor of Social Structure, Work, and Organizations at the University of Potsdam, and Head of the Junior Research Group on Work and Care at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). She is advising and collaborating on the comparative labor market experimental studies, with particular expertise on Germany.

Kati Morosow (April – August 2018) is a doctoral student at Stockholm University, specializing in policy effects on family-related inequalities and analysis of Finnish administrative data. She first-authored a paper with Lynn Prince Cooke on differences among Finnish fathers in the economic consequences of taking the ‘daddy month.’ A working paper version is available at the Stockholm Research Reports in Demography.

Gabriele Mari (January – March 2018) is a doctoral student at University of Trento, with an interest in family inequalities and analysis of large-scale panel data sets.  He is co-authoring a paper with Lynn Prince Cooke, comparing class differences in fatherhood wage effects in Britain and Germany.

Project Administrator:  Emma Ford

Emma Ford is an experienced research project administrator working across a number of projects in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath.